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DOORS/WINDOWS. For a period of three (3) YEARS from windows and doors original purchase date, ROATAN warrants that the ROATANS will be free from defects in materials or workmanship and will have been done in accordance with shop drawings accepted and signed by BUYER or BUYERS agent, as the case may be: provided that BUYER shall have notified ROATAN in writing of any alleged breach of the warranties by ROATAN within ten (10) days after buyer discovers the same or should have discovered the same in the exercise of reasonable care. ROATAN’S sole liability and responsibility with respect to the ROATANS which are the subject of this agreement shall be limited to the repair or replacement of such of them as are not fabricated in accordance with said shop drawings accepted and signed by BUYER or BUYERS agent, as the case may be, or which are otherwise defective in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage to the ROATANS due to accidents, misuse, abuse, fire, flood or Acts of God or other contingencies beyond the control of ROATAN, or due to failure of the BUYER or BUYERS agent to follow ROATAN’S operating instructions , or resulting from improper or unauthorized repairs and/or alterations and does not apply at all if the ROATANS are installed by anyone other than ROATAN CERTIFIED INSTALLER.

1. Mahogany – as mahogany ages its color darkens. Direct sunlight speeds up this process.
2. Door/Window Warpage – unless the warpage is ¼” in 6’8” doors or 3/8” in doors exceeding 6’8” in height.
3. Doors/window in excess of 36” width or 6’8” height without a multipoint lock installed by ROATAN. Doors/windows in excess of 36” width or 6’8” height shall be warranted provided ROATAN installs a multipoint lock.
4. Products installed in, or subject to, high moisture or high humidity environment, or exposed to direct sunlight.
5. Panel movement (shrinkage) of 1/8” or less. Temperature and humidity may cause the wood panels in your door/window to shrink. The panels in your door/window have been designed to “float”.
6. Modification, alterations (including trimming and cutting down door/window), repair or service of this product by anyone other than manufacturer.
7. Exterior doors not protected by substantial overhang and exposed to extreme weather conditions.
8. Improper installation, field finishing or maintenance.
9. Application of paint to any factory pre-finish other than factory priming.
10. Environmental conditions or use exceeding design standards.

DOOR/WINDOW CARE: STORAGE & HANDLING. Doors/windows should be stored flat on a level surface. However, if this is not possible, they may be stored for a short time on their side – supported by at least two vertical supports. NEVER store them standing on one end and leaning against a wall. Handle doors/windows with clean hands or gloves and do not drag them across one another.

HARDWARE: Patinas and bronze will naturally oxidize over time. Various factors, including time, touch, climate and exposure to elements, will affect this ongoing aging process, thus changing the color, sheen, and texture of the bronze. This “living finish” is referred to as the patina.
Patina/bronze finishes may rub off in places due to the frequency of use. ROATAN does not consider this to be a defect, but rather a normal process which cannot be avoided and over time enhances the naturally aging appearance of the metal. Thus, Roatan Mahogany Millwork, Inc. cannot guarantee product. patina finishes and will not repair or replace patina finishes under this warranty.

HARDWARE CARE: The desirable and inevitable quality of bronze is that it will change with time. There is no cleaner, wax, or polish that can stop this process.
Ideally, the surface should not be treated with a cleaner. If necessary, however, it can be cleaned with mild soap and water. A high quality clear floor wax may also be applied to any patina to protect the finish.
IMPACT GLASS WARRANTY. Doors/windows glazed by ROATAN – three year warranty against delamination. Warranties subject to manufacturer warranty and are subject to change without notice.

LAMINATED GLASS DISTORTION. Laminated glass, especially heat treated or tempered is subject to visual distortion of various types such as but not limited to waves, gaseous, inclusions, scratches, rubs, and blemishes. Laminated glass furnished under this contract will comply with ASTM STANDARDS for Q3 quality glass.
This warranty extends only to direct customers of ROATAN and does not extend to any person or persons acquiring the product from such direct customer of ROATAN.

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